Cyclone Rated Shutters

Engineered To Withstand Harsh Australian Conditions


Leading Australian screen manufacturer, Superior Screens®, is taking the housing development and design industry by storm with the launch of its latest product, Superior Shutters® C5, which has been specifically designed to withstand even the harshest local conditions.

While the market has had domestic shutters available with cyclone ratings as high as three, architects, property developers and home owners have long complained that this is not enough in a country that is known for some of the harshest, and most extreme, weather conditions in the developed world.

Now Superior Screens has launched Superior Shutters® C5 which has been certified to withstand even the toughest local conditions including a category 5 rated cyclone up to wind speeds of 285km/hr, giving residents throughout Australia total peace of mind.

Company general manager, Rita Turnour says Australia has needed a product specifically designed for its unique weather conditions for some time and that the market has welcomed the launch of its new shutter range.

“It has been clear to everyone in the industry that many of the shutters that have been available on the market would not be able to withstand the kind of weather we have here in Australia. Our sun is incredibly harsh and in many parts of Australia a category three cyclone rating would not stand up to some of our big winds.

“It made sense therefore for an Australian company to make a product that would stand up to the conditions that are specific to this country. We are very proud that we can add Superior Shutters® C5 to our already diverse range of screening products.”

Superior Shutters® C5 has been tested to meet both Australian and New Zealand standards and can withstand pressure loads of up to 3,630 Pa or the equivalent of a category five cyclone.

All fixings are made from marine grade stainless steel and only UV stabilised nylon for any non-metal components attracting a full two-year warranty on the shutters and as long as seven on the finish.

Mrs Turnour confirmed that Superior Screens® has aimed to develop the strongest shutter possible with no compromise on quality.

“Our shutters are about quality and investment. Not just a quick fix. The idea is to provide the consumer with something that will last for years, no matter how harsh the weather conditions,” she said.

Mrs Turnour says other advantages to the new range are the wide choice of colours that can be tailored to suit any project and a unique fitting system that allows the shutter to adjust to any space exactly, with no awkward gaps that need to be filled.

With its headquarters based in Brisbane, Superior Screens® is an Australia wide company founded in 2001 which now boasts 21 dedicated distributors around the country. Mrs Turnour says the company’s local origins give it the edge for consumers as shutters can be custom designed and delivered in as little as two weeks and spare parts are always readily available.

“Whether you are looking for shutters for commercial use or just renovating your own home, you will not find a better-quality product or service anywhere in Australia,” said Mrs Turnour.

“These are the strongest shutters on the market, made by Australians for Australians. You can’t get more fair dinkum than that!

Superior Screens has a national network of distributors – for your closest, please call 1300 766 799 or Get in Touch Here.

Product / August 2010