Announcing New Colorbond® “Louvre”


Providing style and privacy for residential and commercial needs.

Superior Screens has launched a 55mm Louvre in COLORBOND® Slatting, which can add style to commercial or residential premises while also meeting residential privacy regulations. In states like Victoria, a Residential Code (Res. Code) exists where residential and commercial owners are required to protect people’s privacy. In most cases, it is specified that buildings must use a minimum 75% blockage or a 25% maximum opening to the neighbouring property (windows and yards). This trend is sure to spread across Australia and is already being addressed by Superior Screens. “Louvres” are another Superior Steel Product made from COLORBOND® and BlueScope steel.

At 55mm wide it can be used vertically, horizontally and on different angles 0, 30 and 60 degrees. Factories are finding the louvres ideal for sun control while adding style to commercial premises. Superior Screens’ Australian-made, strong, long-lasting louvres made from COLORBOND® steel are found in gardens, factories, commercial projects and residences across Australia. 

Designers and architects are using this louvre for form and function, even as an option to conventional slat screening on commercial buildings, around air-conditioning units, rubbish bin, maintenance and hydrant areas etc. 

Product / September 2009