Our Guide to Fire Attenuation

Our Guide to Fire Attenuation

Safety should never be comprimised for style.

Fire safety is a key concern in new builds, and to ensure maximum protection for people and property the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Australian Standards (AS) enforce certain construction requirements.

However, the BCA allows for suppliers to offer alternative solutions to meet the Deemed to satisfy (Dts) provisions for certification of fire safety systems in all new buildings. 

Fire Attenuation Screens and Bush Fire Screens form part of these requirements. 

A Fire Attenuation screen is a necessity wherever there is an unprotected opening in a building situated less than 3m from a property boundary or within 6m of another building on the same lot. 

The solution for fire safety in new buildings in designated bushfire areas is Bush Fire Screens; these form part of Australian Standard 3959 which outlines the different construction requirements for bushfire areas. This Standard has 6 levels of severity expressed as Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL): from BAL-Low to the most severe, BAL-FZ. 

Bush Fire Screens are designed to protect the home from the spread of fire by preventing ember attacks and burning debris from passing through open windows. The screens also reduce, deflect and disperse radiant heat. 

A fire engineer is required to provide a Fire Safety Report outlining how the product supplied (the alternative solution) meets the applicable standards and satisfies the building certifier or the fire authority of the relevant State or Territory. 

One product that meets all the requirements is the Louvre D screen. Fire safety engineers have confirmed this screen, designed and exclusively manufactured by Superior Screens, satisfies the BCA and Australian Standards. 

The Louvre D is a fixed louvre system comprised of steel brackets and COLOBOND® steel blades and is available in 30°, 45° and 90° angles. With the blades at 45° the Louvre D has a heat attenuation rate of 53%. In addition to meeting the specifications for fire attenuation, Louvre D provides a sleek, attractive solution for airflow, privacy and shading.

Superior Screens also manufactures the Panther Protect Security Screening System developed by Abra Aluminium. Panther Protect has been independently tested and meets all the requirements required for Bush Fire Retention, achieving level 5 (BAL 40). And when Panther Protect is used in conjunction with doors and windows that comply with the fire standards, a status of level 6 or BAL FZ is achieved.

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