Outdoor Eyesores are no more!

Amenity Screening

Enhance your outdoor area by keeping your rubbish bins and air-conditioner's condensing (outdoor) unit out of sight with a decorative screen enclosure. Choose from our extensive combinations of slatting, lattice, louvre and routed options available in a large colour palette.

Rubbish Bins

Keep your bins away from pesky birds, wind related messes or just being an eye sore with our screening solution. Available for Residential or Commercial.

A/C Units

Screening your Air-conditioning outdoor units can give you more bench space on a tiny balcony, dampen a noisy fan or just add value to your building's facade

Pool Pumps

Don't ruin your poolside oasis with an ugly pool pump; disguise them with decorative routed screens, designed to portray your dream destination.

Water Heaters

Water heaters seem to break when you need them most so protect them from the elements with decorative screening.

Utility Areas

Commercial properties or high-rises require a lot of un-sightly utility access points. Don't loose potential occupant by exposing these areas, add stylish and secure screening.

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