The Clik'n'Fit® System

The Clik'n'Fit® System

A revolution in the Australian fencing and screening market!
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The exciting new range of Clik’n’Fit® fences, gates and screens, exclusive to Superior Screens, are affordable and easy-to-install, giving any residential or commercial property a fantastic, modern look.

The Clik’n’Fit® system is an innovative concept from Superior Screens that is both quick and easy to install and cost effective, making it perfect for both the discerning DIY handyman, and the most experienced professional tradesman.

Rita Turnour, CEO of Superior Screens said, “While professional installation is also available for all of our Clik’n’Fit® products, the range is perfect for home renovators, or those who are eager to try their hand at DIY projects around the home.”

“Assembling a Clik’n’Fit® fence is as easy as slotting the horizontal slats into vertical posts supplied by Superior Screens. The fencing panels can be used as a stand-alone fence or as infills between brick pillars.” 

“Clik’n’Fit® panels can even be retrofitted into existing COLORBOND® fencing frames for an updated, fresh look.”

The Clik’n’Fit® range is 100% Australian made and manufactured from genuine COLORBOND® steel, guaranteeing maximum durability and corrosion resistance.

All Clik’n’Fit® products from Superior Screens come in a wide range of contemporary colours, and offer a high level of design flexibility.

Screens and fences can be ordered to custom size specifications, or to include matching gates.

“Another great benefit of installing the Clik’n’Fit® fences, gates or screens is the low maintenance involved – there’s no need to paint, just give the panels a regular wash,” said Mrs Turnour.

Product / February 2012